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+/- {plus/minus} - Let's Build A Fire CD

by +/- {plus/minus}


The third album from NY's +/- {Plus/Minus} is just astoundingly good, building on the progress of the band's first two albums. Dynamic rock songs with crazy percussion, both analog and electronic. Gorgeous, accessible and completely compelling.

Absolutely Kosher
AK 068

01 Let’s Build a Fire
02 Fadeout
03 Steal the Blueprints
04 The Important Thing is to Love
05 Thrown into the Fire
06 Summer Dress 2 (Iodine)
07 Ignoring All the Detours
08 Profession
09 One Day You’ll Be There
10 This is All (I Have Left )
11 Leap Year
12 Time and Space
13 For You