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Russian Circles - 'Memorial'

by Russian Circles


Perhaps the most immediately apparent characteristic of the fifth Russian Circles album, Memorial is its wide range of emotion. Vacillating from somber-yet-soaring melodies on one track to pummeling metal heft on the next, Memorial sounds like an album with split personalities. – Us / Them

The new LP by Russian Circles, Memorial, will be released worldwide via Sargent House on October 29.

The vinyl version of the album is pressed in 3 different colors: Black, Clear/Translucent, and Steel Grey. Clear/Translucent and Steel Grey is sold out worldwide.


Recorded at Electrical Audio - Chicago, IL


01. Memoriam
02. Deficit
03. 1777
04. Cheyenne
05. Burial
06. Ethel
07. Lebaron
08. Memorial