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Bored Spies - 'Summer 720' 7" Vinyl Single

by Bored Spies

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“Bored Spies are currently based in Singapore, South Korea, and Arizona, but they have a minimalist rock style that spans from Talk Talk’s London to Mazzy Star’s Southern California.”

"...crunchy, psychedelic guitar and then transitions to a summery, mid-tempo pop track"
- When You Motor Away

"this dynamics-shifting slowcore burner has more in common with the producer's (Brad Wood) work with atmospheric bands like Tortoise and the Fire Theft than his more famous records by Liz Phair and Smashing Pumpkins."

"...sweet yet brash, bold yet amiable – full of contrasting hues and yet dead-eyed focused on heart and soul."

“The band mix traditional song structures with progressive rock elements, exploring the space between pop and abstract minimalism”
- Other Sounds

Bored Spies a new international rock trio featuring Singaporean singer/guitarist Cherie KO and also includes members of nineties indie bands Seam (Touch and Go Records) and Bitch Magnet (Temporary Residence Limited). Formed in late Spring 2012, the band is currently based out of Singapore, Seoul, and Tucson, AZ.

Mixing traditional song structures with progressive rock elements, the band’s songs explore a space between traditional pop music and the laid back minimalism pioneered by artists like Roxy Music. KO’s vocals are a centerpiece of Bored Spies’ sound and bring to mind the mystical, languid phrasings of a young Stevie Nicks or Hope Sandoval.

In May 2013, the band will make its European debut with a tour of Spain, including a stop at the Primavera Sound Festival. A U.S. and UK tour is in the works for this summer. The band plans to release a full-length album later in 2013.
released 20 April 2013
Recorded July-August 2012 at Seagrass and Snakeweed. Recorded and produced by MBW3. Engineering help from Leonard Soosay. Mastered at SAE by Roger Seibel.

Originally released digitally 25 January 2013

Bored Spies is:
Cherie Ko - guitar, vocals, keyboard
Orestes Morfín - drums
Panther Lau - bass

2013 © Bored Spies LLP with licence to KittyWu Records

Experience Summer 720 on gorgeous marbled sea foam green vinyl. Spins at 45rpm.


If you wish to purchase this with an immediate album download, please purchase from here: http://kittywurecords.bandcamp.com/album/summer-720-b-w-e